Steve Cato

Steve Cato is a down to earth over-thinker who has started infinitely more writing projects than he has finished.  He writes super-serious stuff, but still can’t help laughing at really inappropriate times (a problem he’s had since he was a tot).  


He is now forcing himself to finish his current MG novel before moving on to anything else (hopefully).

Jarod Pratt

Jarod Pratt is a wild and crazy guy with an even crazier imagination.  He can make a trip to the store turn into a galaxy-wide space hunt.


He is the co-creator and writer of R&D: The Lemonade Code, a fantastical MG graphic novel set in future Detroit (Oni Press - 2019).

The Storiers

The Storiers is the eccentric ridiculosity that happens when you throw these two guys in a room, or a car, or anywhere.  Together, their slightly off-balanced minds and senses of humor merge into something the world has never seen. Join them on their journey to take the writing universe by storm.  Watch as they help push all the youngsters they can into the published galaxy. The birthing of literary babies like no one can possibly fathom. At least, that’s the goal anyway.  


Their primary content can be found on Youtube, but you should also sign up for their mailing list.  That way, when they take over the world, you can tell everyone that you knew it was coming months, if not years, in advance (they’ve promised not to take it over without announcing it to their mailing list ahead of time).  

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